The New way of coating tires.

Tire Crystal is developed especially for rubber and tires. So far, there has been not much changes in development in tire coating chemicals for ages, although tires have the significant impact for the outlook of the car. In addition to this, due to recent developments of tires itself, we found some cases that it's likely to occur the excessive tire wax gets scattered around while driving and they cause stains on car surfaces which are really hard to be removed. SENSHA invented a method to encounter this problem and made a special ingredients for tire coating and developed the new style of tire coating. Much better & glossy: With ultra-high-density special silicon resin, the coating provides excellent finish like a brand new tires and restores the deep and shiny black color. Durability: By using normal car wash products, the coating will last approximately 60 to 90 days. Safety: Tire Crystal is solid type, not liquid so that scattering will not occurred. In addition, it does not contain any ingredients such as surfactants and solvents that can be damage the tires.


The Difference Between Tire Coating and Tire Wax. Tire Crystal, unlike traditional tire wax, does not contain surfactants and solvents which cause damages to tires (antioxidants). The product creates the tough and flexible coating film with ultra-high-density special silicon resin to endure harsh environments around tires. The coating film also provides the luster and deep look like new tires with excellent water repellent, oil repellent and anti fouling performance. Tire Crystal is totally different from traditional tire wax, it is solid type, not liquid so that there are no scattering & will not leave dirt to the other car part, hence, not making stains on the car body.


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Currently we have 2 items in the series


TIRE CRYSTAL 240g (Use quantity : 4g/car)


TIRE CRYSTAL 240g Boxed + accessories

TIRE CRYSTAL 240g Boxed + accessories (Use quantity : 4g/car)


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